International Journal of Theoretical and Applied ComputerSciences (IJTACS)

Volume 3  Number 1 (2009)





A Complexity Measure Based on Cognitive Weights
PP. 1-7

Author: Sanjay Misra

Implementation and Evaluation of Image Processing Algorithms
pp. 9-34
Authors: Daggu Venkateshwar Rao, Shruti Patil, Naveen Anne Babu and V Muthukumar

An Evolutionary Algorithm Based System Level Synthesis for Platform Based Design
pp. 35-47
Authors: R.K. Jena and G.K. Sharma

A Heuristic Based Approach for Increasing the Page Ranking Relevancy in Hyperlink Oriented Search Engines: Experimental Evaluation
pp. 49-62
Authors: Haider A. Ramadhan, Khalil Shihab, Jafar H. Ali and Jinan Faidhi

Discrete Phase-Only Synthesis of A Dual-Beam Collinear Dipole Antenna Array using Genetic Algorithms
pp. 63-70
Authors: G.K. Mahanti, A. Chakrabarty and S. Das

A High-Performance Model for a Transparent Classifier
pp. 71-82
Authors: D.K. Swami and R.C. Jain

Neural Generalized Predictive Controller for Induction Motor
pp. 83-100
Authors: Adel Merabet, Mohand Ouhrouche and Rung-Tien Bui

New Concurrency Model for Mobile Database Environment
pp. 101-108
Authors: Ziyad Tariq Abdul-Mehdi, Ali Bin Mamat, Hamidah Ibrahim and Mustafa M. Dirs

Extension of Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol (AKA) for Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS)
pp. 109-118
Authors: Ja'afer AL-Saraireh and Sufian Yousef

Lattice Based Algorithm for Incremental Mining of Association Rules
pp. 119-128
Authors: Ravindra Patel, D.K. Swami and K.R. Pardasani




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