International Journal of Wireless Communication sand Simulation (IJWCS)


Volume 4, Number 2 (2012)




Scatterer Distribution for Cellular Mobile Channel based on Nonparametric Estimate

pp. 71-79

Author: Guo Li-mei


Optimization Design of Parasite PIFA for Personnel Communication Networks

pp. 81-85

Author: Kisangiri F. Michael


Data Reduction by Huffman Coding and Encryption by DES in Wireless Network
pp. 87-93
Authors: Ravindra D. Kale and K.N. Hande


Performance Improvement of Multiuser MIMO Downlink System by Volume based User Scheduling and Channel Extension Based Linear Precoding (VBSCEP)
pp. 95-103
Authors: Ananthi S., Chanthirasekaran K. and Bhagyaveni M.A.


Analysis of various Performance Metrics for a Wireless LAN
pp. 105-116
Authors: Vinay Bhatia, Dushyant Gupta and H.P. Sinha


Performance of OFDM-IDMA Scheme based on Various Interleaver’s
pp. 117-124
Authors: A.Mary Juliet and Dr. S. Jayashri











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