International Review of Applied Engineering Research (IRAER) 


Volume 2  Number 2 (2012)




Hand Gesture Recognition using Neural Network
pp. 85-93
Author: Vibhawari A. Badadhe

Atomic Force Microscopy & the Contributions of the Study of Surface Topography
pp. 95-108
Author: S. Bhowmick

Simplified Solar Thermal Modelling to Estimate Energy Saving Potential of Desiccant Cooling System
pp. 109-114
Authors: H. Parmar and D.A. Hindoliya

Pressure Settlement Characteristics of Strip Footings on Reinforced Sand
pp. 115-125
Authors: Arvind Kumar, M.L. Ohri and R.K. Bansal

Particle Swarm Trained Neural Network for Fault Diagnosis of Multilevel Inverter Drive System
pp. 127-138
Authors: M. Sivakumar and R.M.S. Parvathi

Performance Evaluation of a Finned Tube Heat Exchanger using Different Heat Transfer Fluid with the Help of Fluent Software
pp. 139-149
Authors: Apu Roy, Saurav Manna and D.H. Das

Review of Experimental Investigation of Free and Forced Convection Heat Transfer from Different Helical Coiled Tubes
pp. 151-156
Authors: Santosh P. Alone and P.V. Walke

Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Ethanol Diesel Blends in Ci Engine
pp. 157-170
Authors: Pani Sharanappa and M.C. Navindgi


1-Bit nano CMOS Full-Adder Cell for Energy-Efficient Arithmetic Applications
pp. 171-176
Authors: Shilpa B. Darvesh and M. Parvathi






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