International Review of Applied Engineering Research (IRAER) 



Volume 4  Number 1  (2014)





Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulator as a Vocoder for Speech Processing

pp. 1-7

Authors: Ponnam Sailaja, Dr.K.S.Ramesh and G.Sivavaraprasad


Parametric Analysis of Abrasive Water Jet Machine On En8 Material

pp. 9-13

Authors: Vivek. K. Patel and Dr. Prashant Sharma


Induction of Diethyl Ether in Diesel Engine using Carburetion Principle-Study and Performance

pp. 15-22

Authors: Sankalp Talegaonkar, Shashank Naik and Tejas Mulay


A Review Paper on Effect of GMAW Process Parameters

pp. 23-26

Authors: Pratibha Kumari, Pranav Rai, Satish Maurya, Pradeep Kumar and Subodh Kant Pandey


Performance of Fins: Features and Challenges
pp. 27-43
Authors: Nawal E KHELALFA and Tawfik Benabdallah

Effects of Amino-acid Modification of Jute Fabric on its Textile Related Properties and Dyeability with Selective Reactive Dyes
pp. 45-61
Authors: Adwaita Konar, Sarmistha Chakraborty, Tapas Ranjan Kar and Ashis Kumar Samanta


ARM Based Real Time Accident Prevent and Automatic Rescue System
pp. 63-72
Authors: S. Somnath Sundar M.E, V. Karthik, J. Krishnakumar and K. Prabu

Implementation of Six Sigma Function Deployment in the Design and Manufacturing of Jet Pumps
pp. 73-80
Authors: Thamaraikannan and Dr. V. Thirunavukkarasu

Enhancing Semantic File Container with Compression Standards
pp. 81-88
Authors: N. Siddartha Raj and Dr. A. V. K. Shanthi

Construction of Third Order Slope Rotatable Designs Using Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
pp. 89-96

Impact Analysis of Kochi Metro Rail Project
pp. 97-102
Authors: Dr Soosan George, Ansiya T A, Jubina C K, Riyamol Varghese and Vishnu K Sudhan

Activity Based Trip Generation Model
pp. 103-108
Authors: Dr Soosan George, Farhan M C, Vandana R Nath, Swethima Reghu and Hura Basto

PEAQ Analysis of Noise Suppression using Weiner Filter in Close-Microphone Applications
pp. 109-120
Authors: Bikash Chandra Dhal and Amutha Prabha.N

Advanced Rescue Control System for the Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles by Using MEMS Accelerometer
pp. 121-129
Authors: S. Sundar and A. Jagadeesh Kumar


Mining and Rattling Methods for Analysing Malware
pp. 147-153
Authors: Anoopkumar M and Dr. A. M. J. Md. Zubair Rahman M.E., M.S., Ph.D





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