International Review of Applied Engineering Research (IRAER) 



Volume 8  Number 1  (2018)






On the Definition of Limit Zones in the Layered Array with the Development of Various Flow Conditions
Xiancui Xiao

Comparative Study to Assess the Performance of an Integrated Treatment System Using ANN vs. GPS_X

Xiancui Xiao

Prediction of Elastic Modulus for Polymer Composites

Xiangwei Zheng, Hong Rong and Yuang Zhang

Fuzzy logic based Load Forecasting

Xiangwei Zheng

Laboratory Experimental Studies of Dummy Instrument for Ultrasonic Testing of Stresses in Rail Bars

Xiangwei Zheng

Enabling Secure Acoustic Communication for Smartphones

Yuang Zhang and Huimei Wang

The State of Modern Malicious Software: Foundations of Study on Cyber-Armaments

Jian Liu

Prediction of Water Conducting Fracture Zone

Jialu Hao

An Efficient Source Authentication Method For Iot Based on Multicast Network

Ming Xian

Design and Analysis of absorber for Solar Water Heater using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Donghui Hu

A Multi-Algorithm based Gender Classification using Fingerprint: A Feature level Fusion and SVM Approach

Qiang Shen






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