Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics (JCIB)


Volume 11 Number 1 (2018)






Research on The Displacement Experiment of Viscoelastic Emulsion
Shahzad Sarwar

Effects Of E-Waste Pollutants And Obligatory E-Waste Management Scenario In Global Context
Waqar Jaffry and Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf

Analysis on the Molecular Biologic Characteristics and Expression of Lysozyme C Separated from Oplegnathus fasciatus
Foto Afrati

Document Annotation With Analatic Using Content And Querying Value
Nikos Stasinopoulos

Automatic extraction of Learning Objects from e-learning systems
Ricardo Colomo-Palacios

Synthesis And Covalent Attachment Of A Methylene Blue Derivative To A Triple Helix Forming Oligonucleotide
María del Pilar Salas-Zárate

Theory of Field-Matter Unification on Basis of Field Contraction
Rafael Valencia-García

Study of Structural and Morphological Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
Gabriel A. León-Paredes

Study on the Damage Model of Stinger PDC Cutters Breaking Rock
Gabriel A. León-Paredes

Sequential Separation and Determination of Ruthenium, Rhenium and Osmium From Their Mixtures
Liliana I. Barbosa-Santillán

Information Literacy Empowerment To Rural PG Students Using Digital Library: A Case Study In Tumkur University Library
Juan J. Sánchez-Escobar





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