Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics (JCIB)


Volume 13 Number 2 (2020)





Increasing Evidence for Cigarette Smoking and Prostate Cancer Progression in Eastern Nigera
Gorka Azkune and Ignacio Arganda-Carreras

Application of a Quantitative Algorithm for Green Computing
Ignacio Arganda-Carreras

Design and Implementation of TCP Friendly, end-to-end, Layered Solution for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET)
Ignacio Arganda-Carreras

A Qualitative Analysis of Rayleigh Faded Frequency Selective Channel Simulator
Wei Ren

Comparative Evaluation Method and Factors of Risk Assessment Models for Information Security
Guan Gui

A Survey on Fine-Grained Access in Cloud Computing
Fei Li

Enhancement of Image Quality and Improving Naturalness Preservation Using FBN Methodology
Oluwole John Famoriji

Design and Implementation of Integrated Testing Tool based on Metrics and Quality Assurance
Xu Yan and Mehdi Khan

Survey on Security Threats in Cloud Computing

Rao Kashif

Enhanced Defect Identification System for Textile Industry using Artificial Neural Network and Image Processing Techniques
Akinwale Fadamiro









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