Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics


Volume 2  Number 1-2 (2009)





Computational Studies on Stability of Protein Sequences

pp. 1-5
Authors: Veerasamy Jayaraj, Marimuthu Vijayasarathy and Ekambaram Rajasekaran

Computational Studies on Carbon Distribution in Enzymes Involved in Neural Disorder
pp. 7-11

Authors: Veerasamy Jayaraj, R. Senthil, Logesh Selvaraj and E. Rajasekaran

Computational Motif Signature Discovery and Validation of Gene Prediction in Aspergillus terreus NIH 2624
pp. 13-19
Authors: K Palani Kannan, TK Subazini, CP Rajadurai, S Naga Vignesh
and G Ramesh Kumar

Gene Prediction Using SCAT 

pp. 21-31
Authors: Pankaj Agarwal and S.A.M. Rizvi

Simulation Analysis on Carbon Distribution in Proteins 

pp. 33-37
Authors: Veerasamy Jayaraj, M. Vijayasarathy and Ehambaram Rajasekaran

Stereo-chemical Analysis of Swiss Prot Derived AchE Homology Models 
pp. 39-45

Author: Panchal Hardik K

In Silico Analysis of Human Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (hGM-CSF) Gene to Increase the Stability of Gene Product- A Bioinformatics Approach
pp. 47-59

Authors: Balaji Somasundaram, Bharath Ganesh Anantharaman, Vishwanath Kumar Maharajapuram Ramachandran and Swaminathan Detchanamurthy

Synchronization in the Dynamics of p53 Protein Oscillations 

pp. 61-67
Authors: Longjam Geeta Devi, S.D. Pearson Chiru, Gurumayum Reenaroy Devi
and R.K. Brojen Singh

Bionet: Neural Network Approach to an Adaptive Stochastic Clustering 
for HIV/AIDs Clinical Trails using ART1

pp. 69-75

Authors: Prof. M. Lilly Florence and Prof. D. Swamydoss

Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability of Ascorbic Acid; Synergistic Effect with Tocopherols and Curcumin

Authors: Jyoti Upadhyaya, Rajesh K. Kesharwani and Krishna Misra

Novel Parallel MSA Algorithm Implementation Approach on a Computer Cluster
pp. 85-92

Authors: K. Somasundaram, S. Karthikeyan, M. Gomathi Nayangam and S.Radhakrishnan

Cell Quantification and Watershed Segmentation in Time Lapse Microscopy
pp. 93-98

Authors: N. Jayalakshmi and Dr. R.M. Suresh




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