Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics


Volume 3  Number 2 (2010)




Atomic Details of Globular Protein 
pp. 133-136
Authors: C. S. Vinobha and E. Rajasekaran

Digital Image Analysis of Bacilli Bacterial Cell Growth Phase
pp. 137-145
Authors: P.S. Hiremath and Parashuram Bannigidad

Global Suboptimal Pairwise Sequence Alignment in Linear Space Using Pair Hidden Markov Models
pp. 147-161
Authors: Fakhry M. Khellah

Pectin Methylesterase Estimation in Plant-Tobamovirus Interaction and Comparative Modelling, Active Site Prediction and Docking Between the Proteins Involved in the Movement of Tobamoviruses
pp. 163-174
Authors: K.N. Madhusudhan, D. Sivakumar and H.S. Prakash


Classification of Genomes based on Subclass Characterization 
pp. 175-184
Authors: B.V. Dhandra and S.S. Patil

Automatic Technique for Gridding of Skewed and Noisy Microarray Images
pp. 185-198
Authors: J. Nagaraja, S.S. Manjunath and Lalitha Rangarajan

Extension of Horspool Algorithm for Pattern Matching 
pp. 199-209
Authors: A. Lekha and C.V. Srikrishna

In-Silico Analysis of Polymerase Basic Protein 2 in Different Strains of Influenza A Virus
pp. 211-220
Authors: Tariq Ahmad Masoodi, Gowhar Shafi and Anjana Munshi

Analysis of Antigenic Behavior of Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) based CRY Proteins upon its Parenteral Adsorption or Administration by using JambW
pp. 221-227
Authors: Sachin S. Kulkarni, Vrushali C. Hingne, Deepti D. Dhere and Vishwas S. Shembekar

Structure Based Drug Designing Against Putative Targets of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus and their Computational Evaluation
pp. 229-238
Authors: Vijay Kumar, Swati Goswami, Rajnikant Namdeo and Reena Jain

A DNA Algorithmic approach to solve GCS Problem 

pp. 239-247
Authors: A. Murugan and B. Lavanya

Insilico Structure Prediction of 6 Phosphofructo-2-Kinase/Fructose-2,4 
Bisphophatase-4, a Novel Protein in Colon Cancer

pp. 249-256
Authors: Mayur Sinha, Diwakar Katiyar, Nayan Bharti, Ankur Mohan, Santosh Pal 
and Abhishek Kr. Malakar

Mathematical Lensing of DNA Repeat Sequences

pp. 257-265
Authors: K. Meena, K. Menaka, T.V. Sundar and K. R. Subramanian

Virtual Screening of Anticancer Compounds with hTERT and BIBR 1532 as Lock and Key 

pp. 267-283
Authors:  Kandasamy Muthukrishnakumar, Devadass Chandramohan
and Marudhamuthu Rajadurai




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