Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics (JCIB)

Volume 6 Number 1 (2013)





Novel Strategies to Classify Knot and Unknot Proteins

pp. 1-15
Author: Lissy Anto P.


Approaches of Biological Sequence Alignment with Comparison of Experimental Results
pp. 17-26
Authors: Niyati J. Buch and Mahesh H. Panchal


Comparative Homology Modelling for HPV Type 16 E 7 Proteins by using MODELLER and its Validations with
SAVS and ProSA Web Server

pp. 27-33
Authors: Upasna Srivastava and Gurmit Singh


Functional implications of a cancer associated p16INK4A mutation insilico.
pp. 35-48
Author: Meenu Asaas Qureshi, Nishawar Jan and Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi


Comparision of Prediction of Structure of Protein of Soy Beans using Radial basis Function Neural
Networks with other Methods for Rs126 and PDB Data Sets

pp. 49-57
Authors: Dr. K. Meena and Dr. M.Manimekalai


Receptor Interactions of Transpeptidase Involved in Peptidoglycan Biosynthesis
pp. 59-67
Authors: A. Brindha Devi and Dr. R. Chandrasekaran


Isolation, Identification and Computational Studies of Pseudomonas Putida Evhs2 in Tannery Effluent
pp. 69-74

Authors: K. Tulasi Ramakrishnan, C. Sivasubramanian and R. Raja Kumar






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