International Journal of Instrumentation Science and Engineering (JISE)


Volume 8  Number 1 (2018)





Control Loop Performance Monitoring An Overview

pp. 1-7

Abirami.S and S.Sivagamasundari


College Attendance Management System with Mobile Phone Detector: A Proposed Framework

pp. 9-20

Mussaveer Tungal


Speech to Text Synthesis from Video Automated Subtitling using Levinson Durbin Method of Linear Predictive Coding
Shuaian Wang, Lin Xiao, Zhiyuan Liu and Dong Huang

The Development of Indicators and Form of Knowledge Managementin Production Management Case Study: Agricultural Machine Industry in the Northeast of Thailand
Y. L. Chen

High-temperature phase transformations in CaO-SO3-SiO2-H2O system with nanosized component
Jianping Qiao

Brand globalization and Brand equity promotion of sporting goods with nanotechnolgy
Nhat-Phuong Tran and Myungho Lee




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