International Journal of Instrumentation Science and Engineering (JISE)


Volume 8  Number 2 (2018)





Methodology of Experimental Measurement of Loads, Acting on Rock Cutting Elements of Drilling Bit
S. M. Yiu

Investigation of Magnetic Properties of Thin-Film Nanostructures of Elements of Magnetic Straintronics

Gang Zhou and Ruoqing Zhang

Distribution of an Axial Load along the Teeth Rows of Rolling Cutters of Drill Bits (Test Results)

Chun-Juan Ouyang

Formation of Bulk Electric Charges and Fields during Development of Thunderstorm Clouds

Chun-Juan Ouyang

Mathematical Modelling of Cracking Process in Concrete Pavement Highways

Ming Leng

Regulation of the Rheological Properties of Polymer-Bitumen Binders by Ultrasonic Intensification of Mixing Process
Ming Leng

Analysis of ROP Attack on Grsecurity / PaX Linux Kernel Security Variables

Jie-Wu Xia





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