International Journal of Instrumentation Science and Engineering (JISE)


Volume 9  Number 2 (2019)





Numerical study on the flow characteristics of jets emanating from four lobed corrugated nozzles with varying lobe lengths
Huan Wang

Numerical Investigations Of Air-Core Vortex Formation In A Rotating Dual Port Cylindrical Tank

Tianhui Shen

Implementation of DMAIC Methodology for Reduction of Weighted-Defects in a Vehicle Assembly Process
Qing Wang, Khuong Ho-Van and Thiem Do-Dac

Study of Flow Developments Around an Airfoil With a Range of Backward Steps
Hung-Cheng Chang

Numerical Analysis Of Aerodynamic Characteristics Of Hang Glider
Bo-Jun Qiu

Selective Region Processing using Run Length Features
Jyh-Cheng Chen

Simulation of Internally Fitted Baffles in STHEx for Different Reynolds N

Tze-Jie Tan

To Reduce The Glare During Night Time

Ping-Fan Ho and Chen-Hao Chiu




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