Journal of Wavelet Theory and Applications (JWTA)


Volume 12  Number 2  (2018)





Blasius Flow with Suction and Blowing
Affaq Qamar

Comparative Analysis between Cubic and Quartic Non-Polynomial Spline Solutions for fourth-order two-Point BVPS

Atiq Ur Rehman

Deterioration and its Uncertainty in Inventory Systems

Haider Ali

Calculation of Dynamic Processes in the Welded Seams Received at Arc Ways of Welding

Adnan Rashid Chaudhry and Javed Iqbal

Factorizations of Invertible Symmetric Matrices over Polynomial Rings with Involution

Huiting Fan

Supply Chain Deteriorating Inventory System for Retailer Partial Trade Credit Policy for Trapezoidal Type Demand

Kai Xing

A Study on the Performance of CSK under Noisy Conditions

Lei Tan






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