Journal of Wavelet Theory and Applications (JWTA)


Volume 14  Number 1  (2020)





Review of Multiresolution Analysis and Wavelets on Locally Compact Abelian Groups
pp. 1-14
Athira N and Lineesh M C

A Conceptual Study on Application of Six Sigma [DMAIC] Approach for Managing Road Traffic Accidents (RTAS) with a focus on Indian Scenario
T.Sivakumar and Dr. R.Krishnaraj

Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image Using RBF-PCA and Mixed Pixel Wise HSMM Characterization Using SVM-FSK Forclassification
Jiping Wang

Application of Fuzzy Parameterized Generalized Fuzzy Soft Expert Set In Decision Making
Junhua Wu, Jianrong Song and Roberto Rodriguez-Zurrunero

Lateral and Right Ideals in Ternary -Semigroups
Elena Romero and Alvaro Araujo

Image Segmentation Methods: A Comprehensive Survey
Sangwon Hyun and Hyoungshick Kim

Sensitivity Analysis of Supply, Demand and Conveyance in a Solid Transportation Problem
Hyun Jun Kim




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