Journal of Wavelet Theory and Applications (JWTA)


Volume 14  Number 2  (2020)





Quenching Behavior of Solutions in Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Singular Nonlinearities
Yuliya Gaidamaka

Attributes For Water Sustainability Index (WSI) For Office Building In Northern India
Yevgeni Koucheryavy

Analysis of an Exponential Slider Bearing Under Highly Loaded Conditions of Human Knee Joint: Pure Rolling Case
Jai-Eun Kim and Youn-Hee Kim

Rheological Study of Dilute Liquid Flowing Past Spherical Particles Using Reiner – Rivlin Fluid Model
Jung-Hun Oh

The Difference Double Entire Sequences
Ki-Doo Kim and José Jailton

Forecasting Rice Yield In The Northern Thailand With Multiple Linear Regression Model
Tassio Carvalho

Risk Adjusted Control Chart for Monitoring HemoglobinA1C Level
Jasmine Araújo

An Optimal Policy for Weibull Deteriorating items with Power Demand Pattern and Permissible Delay on Payments
Renato Francês

Discovering Reality by Studying the System of Freedom and Proving Its Equivalence with the Universe
Adrián Núñez-Marcos





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