Journal of Wavelet Theory and Applications (JWTA)

Volume 3  Number 1 (2009)





A Locally Stationary Analysis of the Aluminum Electrolysis Process using Wavelets
pp. 1-31
Authors: Arthur Johnson, III and Ching-Chung Li

Robust Digital Watermarking of Color Images 
pp. 33-48
Authors: P. Ramana Reddy, Dr. M.V.N.K. Prasad and Dr. D. Sreenivasa Rao

Parametrization of Multiwavelet Atoms 
pp. 49-72
Authors: Fritz Keinert

Nonlinear Model Identification and PI Control of Wind Turbine using Neural Network Adaptive Frame Wavelets
pp. 73-88
Authors: Mostafa Sedighizadeh and Alireza Rezazadeh

Wavelet Based Separation for Synthetic Topographical Characterization of Surface Prepared by Abrasive Water Jet
pp. 89-102
Authors: Jan Valíček, Sergej Hloch, Songlin Wu and Milan Držík

A Multiresolution Spatial Correlation Approach for Line-edge Roughness Characterization
pp. 103-122
Authors: Rajib Mukherjee, John C. Flake, Ahmet Palazoglu and Jose A. Romagnoli

Sensorless Operation of a PMBLDCM Drive Based on Daubechies wavelet Decomposition Technique
pp. 123-138
Authors: H.S. EL-Sayed, M.M. Khatter, F.M. EL-Khouly, A.M. Osheiba and S.M. IEEE

Logo Watermarking using Wavelets and Edge Detection with Robustness Analysis against JPEG Compression
pp. 139-156
Authors: V. Senthil and R. Bhaskaran

Numerical Solution of Sixth-Order Singular Boundary-Value Problems using Haar Wavelets
pp. 157-168
Authors: Imran Aziz, Fazal Haq and Siraj-ul-Islam

Anova and KS Test of Wavelet Coefficients for Condition Monitoring of Ball Bearings
pp. 169-185
Authors: M.S. Patil, Jose Mathew, P.K. Rajendra Kumar and Sandeep Desai

Pearl Ensemble Classifier Decision
pp. 187-202
Authors: D.S. Bormane and S.T. Patil






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