Mathematical Modelling and Applied Computing (MMAC)


  Volume 2  Number 1 (2011)




A Mathematical Model of Tumour Growth with a Specific Dose of Il-4 (Interleukin-4)
pp. 1-8
Authors: Shashi Kant, Sanjeev Kumar and Deepak Kumar


Some Mathematical Models for Transformation of Sentences from One Form to Other
pp. 9-18
Authors: Rakesh Pandey and H.S. Dhami


Hybrid Numerical Additive Parameters Methods for the General Second Order Differential Equation
pp. 19-26
Authors: Sesappa A. Rai


Simulation of Wire Mesh Regenerator in Pulse Tube Refrigerators
pp. 27-35
Authors: B. Jayaraman and P. Senthil Kumar


Special Pythagorean Triangles with Sum of Two Legs a Nonic
Authors:S.S. Rana and Mita Darbari


A Distributed Page Ranking Approach for P2P Networks
Authors:Manju Patel and Shweta Modi


Linear Compaction Factor to Estimate the Weight of Cement in the Cement Silo
Authors:Kaushal B. Patel


Simulating of a Mechanical Cooling System by Back Propagation Neural Networks
Authors:A. Heidari and M. Heidari






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