Mathematical Modelling and Applied Computing (MMAC)


Volume 3 Number 1,  (2012)




Evaluating the Performance of Structural Option Pricing Models

pp. 1-9

Author: Greg Orosi


Gracefulness of a Unicycle Graph from Copies of Stars on Cycles

pp. 11-16

Author: A. Solairaju and S. Ambika

Gracefulness of a New Class of Mirror Image of Copies of nC3 and Mirror Image of Copies of Double nC3

pp. 17-24

Authors: A. Solairaju and S. Ambika


Gracefulness of a New Class from Copies of Stars Merging with E-Tree

pp. 25-30

Authors: A. Solairaju and S. Ambika


An Optimal Algorithm to Find Minimum Dominating Set on Cactus Graphs
pp. 31-43
Authors: Kalyani Das and Madhumangal Pal

Teaching Dynamical System Simulation using MATLAB SIMULINK®
pp. 45-59
Author: Ravi Kiran Maddali

Use of Neural Network for Video Traffic Prediction
pp. 61-70
Authors: J.D.Gavade, Prof. V.B. Dharmadhikari and P.K. Kharat

Rehabilitation and Juvenile Justice Policy: A Mathematical Modeling Approach
pp. 71-91
Authors: E. Michael Foster,Serhan Ziya, Nomesh Bolia And Michael Hosking

Retrial Queue System under Fuzzy Environment
pp. 93-102
Authors: Kusum and T.P Singh

Two-dimensional Vlasov Simulation: Extension to the Relativistic Case
pp. 103-112
Author: Yacine benhadid





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