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International Journal of Childhood and Society (IJCS)


Editorial Board Members:


Muzaffar Assadi, Dept of Political Science, University of Mysore, mysore, Karnataka, India
Area of Interest: Globalization, New Social Movements, Political Sociology, Indian democracy, Gandhism


B. Ramaswamy, Apg Shimla University, Himachal Pradesh India
Area of Interest: Gender Issues/ Law/ Sociology/ Education/ Skill Development/ Disaster Management/ Value Education/ Physically Challenged Concern


Jessy Abraham, Department of Teacher Training and NFE. Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, India
Area of Interest: in Education areas such as Educational Psychology, Guidance and counselling, Educational Technology,  Education of Exceptional children, Method of teacheng Home Scinece and Science education.


Meera Srivastava, Post Graduate Department of Zoology, Govt. Dungar College, Jaipur Road, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Area of Interest: Insect diversity, botanical insecticides, Haematology and Biochemistry (Sheep, Camel, Elephant), Biotechnology, Limnology etc. 







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