International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 1, Number 1 (2005)



Handling of Overlapping Objective Vectors in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
Hisao Ishibuchi, Kaname Narukawa and Yusuke Nojima
pp. 1-18   Abstract | PDF Full Text

Reducing Spatial Sampling in Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Networks Using Ant Colony Optimization
Yuanhai Li and Amy B. Chan Hilton

pp. 19-28  Abstract | PDF Full Text

Approximation Capabilities of Hierarchical Neural-Fuzzy Systems for Function Approximation on Discrete Spaces
Xiao-Jun Zeng, John Yannis Goulermas, John A Keane and Panos Liatsis

pp. 29-41  Abstract | PDF Full Text

MARLBS: Team Cooperation through Bidding
Ron Sun and Dehu Qi

pp. 42-58  Abstract | PDF Full Text

Genetic Fuzzy Systems: Status, Critical Considerations and Future Directions
Francisco Herrera
pp. 59-67  Abstract | PDF Full Text

Aiding Classification of Gene Expression Data with Feature Selection: A Comparative Study
Changjing Shang and Qiang Shen
pp. 68-76  Abstract | PDF Full Text

Analysis of a Non-Generational Mutationless Evolutionary Algorithm for Separable Fitness Functions
Gunter Rudolph

pp. 77-84  Abstract | PDF Full Text

Learning Best Concept Approximations from Examples
Mihai Boicu and Gheorghe Tecuci

pp. 85-97  Abstract | PDF Full Text