International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 3, Number 2 June (2007)


Special Issue: Computational Intelligence Research: Trends in Latin America

Guest Editors: Oswaldo Velez-Langs







Computational Hybrid System based on Neural-Fuzzy Techniques & Intelligent Software Agents to Assist Colombian Electricity Free Market 
Moreno C. Julián and Demetrio A. Ovalle C. 

pp. 111-122 PDF Full Text


Multiple sequence alignment using swarm intelligence
Pedro F. Rodriguez, Luis F. Ni˜no and Oscar M. Alonso

pp. 123-130 PDF Full Text


Improving NURBS Surface Sharp Feature Representation

Nallig Eduardo Leal, Oscar Ortega Lobo and John William Branch

pp. 131-138 PDF Full Text

Realistic Ecosystem Modelling with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

Juan Contreras, Juan P. Paz, David Amaya and Antonio Pineda

pp. 139-144 PDF Full Text


Regular Papers


Economic Power Dispatch of Power System with Pollution Control using Multiobjective Ant Colony Optimization
Linda Slimani and Tarek Bouktir

pp. 145-153 PDF Full Text

Distributed Quasi Steady-State Genetic Algorithm with Niches and Species
M.M. Raghuwanshi and O.G. Kakde

pp. 155-164 PDF Full Text

An Ensemble of Cooperative Genetic Algorithms as an Intelligent Search Tool
Halina Kwasnicka

pp. 165-176 PDF Full Text