International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 5, Number 3 (2009)




An Interoperable Knowledge Representation in Distributed Environment
pp. 233--240
Authors: R. Swaminarayan Priya, Sanskruti Patel and Kamlesh Vaishnav

Comparison of Color Models for Human Skin Detection
pp. 241--246
Authors: B. Ananthi and K.S. Ravichandran

Networking and Knowledge Management in New Era of Global Marketing with Cable Network Provisions 
pp. 247--253
Author: Jitendra P. Dave

Boosting Kernel Common Vector Method for Face Recognition
pp. 255--269
Authors: C. Lakshmi and M. Ponnavaikko

A Knowledge Based Study on Automatic Story Generation System
pp. 271--284
Authors: A. Jaya and G.V. Uma

A Comparison of Nonlinear Programming Approach for Real time Dynamic Voltage Scaling
pp. 285--296
Authors: P. Ranjith kumara and S. Palanib

New Operators of GA for Improving the Performance of High-level Synthesis
pp. 297--310
Authors: F. Choong, S. Phon-Amnuaisuk and M.Y. Alias

Implementation of Local Search in Multi-Objective Adaptive GA: A Case Study on High-Level Synthesis
pp. 311--326
Authors: F. Choong, S. Phon-Amnuaisuk and M.Y. Alias

Ambiquity Resolution in Search Engine Using Natural Language Web Application
pp. 327--338
Authors: Azeez Nureni Ayofe, Atanda Funsho Abdulwahab and Azeez Raheem Ajetola

Soft sensor for Multicomponent distillation Column using Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm based Techniques
pp. 339--349
Authors: Sanjay R. Patil and M. J. Nigam


Development of an Elman Recurrent Neural Network Model for Short-Term Maharashtra State Electrical Power Load Prediction with Special Emphasis on Seasonal Changes

pp. 351--364
S.M. Kelo and S.V. Dudul