Advances in Applied Mathematical Biosciences (AAMB)



Volume 5,   Number 1,   (2014)






Association of Camel Milk with Tuberculosis

pp. 1-8

Author : Manju Saxena and Kavita


A Mathematical Model for Different Shapes of Stenosis and Slip Velocity at the Wall through Mild Stenosis Artery
pp. 9-18
Authors: Harjeet Kumar, R.S. Chandel, Sanjeev Kumar and Sanjeet Kumar


Common Fixed Points for Multivalued Mappings
pp. 19-25
Authors:  Lata Vyas and Shoyeb Ali Sayyed

Stochastic Model for the Spread of an Epidemic around a Circle
pp. 27-33
Authors: Dr. T. Vasanthi and Miss. S. Subasri

Threshold Parameter for a Random Graph Epidemic Model
pp. 35-41
Authors: Dr. T. Vasanthi and S. Subasri

pth order of Entire Harmonic Function
pp. 43-48
Authors: Udai Veer Singh and Dr. Anupma Rastogi

Stochastic SIR Epidemic on a Random Network and Household Structure
pp. 49-56
Authors: Dr. T. Vasanthi and Miss. S. Subasri

Epidemic on Reed-frost Random Intersection Graph with Tunable Degree Distribution and Clustering
pp. 57-64
Authors: Dr. T. Vasanthi and Miss. S. Subasri

Epidemiological Model of HIV/AIDS with Demographic Consequences
pp. 65-74
Authors: Dr. T. Vasanthi and V. Vijayalakshmi

Approximation for the Final State of Generalized Epidemic Process
pp. 75-82
Authors: Dr. Mrs. T. Vasanthi and A. Martin








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