International Journal of Chemistry and Applications


Volume 2, Number 1-2 (2010)  






Synthesis and Characterization of Cu (II) Complex with Polyazamacrocyclic Ligand
pp. 1-5
Authors: Arvind K. Thakur S.

Increased Capacity of Information Hiding using Mixed Codebooks of Vector Quantization Algorithms : LBG, KPE and KMCG
pp. 7-20
Authors: H.B. Kekre, Archana Athawale, Tanuja K. Sarode and Kalpana Sagvekar

Anthranilic Acid-urea-formaldehyde Terpolymer Resin and their Ion-exchange Properties
pp. 21-32
Authors: C. Magesh, C.T. Vijayakumar and M. Karunakaran

Bromate Oxidation of Glycine and Leucine using Chloro-complex of Ru(III) in its Nano Concentration Range as Homogeneous Catalyst : A Kinetic and Mechanistic Study
pp. 33-40
Authors: Sheila Srivastava and Arti Jaiswal

Studies on Acoustic, Volumetric and Transport Properties of Mono, Di and Tri-saccharide in Aqueous Sodium Acetate Mixtures at 308.15K
pp. 41-50
Authors: Palani, R. and Srinivasan, G.

Fatty Polyamide Based on Diethylenetriamine and Dimer Acid in Presence of Monobasic Fatty Acids.
pp. 51-63
Authors: Mukesh Srivastava, J.S.P. Rai and R.P. Singh

Comparative Molecular Field Analysis of the [3, 3] Sigmatropic Rearrangement
pp. 65-68
Authors: Soumendranath Bhakat

Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel by Water Soluble Poly (Vinyl Pyrrolidone Aniline) in 1M HCl
pp. 69-78
Authors: R. Karthikaiselvi, S. Subhashini and R. Rajalakshmi

Potentiometric Polymeric Membrane Electrodes for Mercury Detection using Thioureido-substituted Resorcin[4]arene Ionophores
pp. 79-88
Authors: Sanjay Singh and Gyanandra Singh

Assessment Study of Impact on Santhanavarthini River due to Effluent Discharge by the Textile Industries and Tannery in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
pp. 89-94
Authors: K.K. Sivakumar and M.S. Dheenadayalan




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