International Journal of Chemistry and Applications (IJCA)


Volume 4, Number 3 (2012)




Synthesis, Characterization and Antioxidant Study of Some New Compounds of Gallic Acid Derivatives
pp. 149-157
Authors: Hanan A. Alhazam, Zainab Shakir Abdullah and Nahed Al-haidery

Heavy Metals Uptake by Lactuca taraxacifolia (Wild Lettuce) in the Semi-arid Region of Bagwai Kano-Nigeria
pp. 157-162
Authors: Kiyawa, S. A. and Ayodele, J.T.

Synthesis of Novel Mannich Bases Containing Pyrazolones and Indole Systems
pp. 163-173
Authors: L.K. Ravindranath, E.V. Suresh Kumar, K. Srikanth, Y.N. Spoorthi and P. Phebe

Synthesis and Comparative Study of Vinyl Ester Resin Prepared by Using Methyl Methacrylate and Acrylic Acid
pp. 175-182
Authors: Pooja Gupta, Paridhi Chandaliya and B.L. Hiran


Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of (E)-2- (1H-1, 2, 4-triazol-3-ylimino) methyl) Phenol
pp. 183-186
Authors: M.M. El-ajaily, F.M. Morad and S.F. Benjweirif

Microwave Assisted, Rapid Synthesis of Novel Benzothiazepine
pp. 187-192
Authors: Parthasarathy Muthuraman, Sreeraj Gopi and S. Narasimhan

Synthesis, Characterization of Some New Heterocyclic Selenium Compounds Based on 3, 5-Naphtho–1-Seleoncyclohexane
pp. 193-197
Authors: Hanan AL-Hazam, Naeem Taki Falyie, Hana’a K. Moussa and Attared Fadhel

A Study of Dairy Effluent of Various Products on the Basis of Chemical Oxygen Demand Value and a Comparative Study Between Common ETP with Respect to Other Plants and Possible Load Reduction Method
pp. 199-203
Authors: Mehulkumar Savaliya, Nikhil Vadi and Yagnesh Gambhava

Preparation, Investigation, Correlation Analysis and Theoretical Study of Bromoacetamide and Bis (2-Bromo Acetamide) Derivatives
pp. 205-210
Authors: Hanan A. Alhazam, Nahid H. Al-Haidery and Amjed A. Ahmed

Syntheses, Characterizations of Copper (II) with Amine Coupled Naphthoquinone Complex as Antioxidant
pp. 211-218
Authors: Nourollah Feizi and Saeed Khademi

Study on the Complexation of Macromolecule Cucurbituril with Metals and Acetamide
pp. 219-226
Authors: T. Jaba Priya, Jasmine Rebecca and R. Wilfred Sugumar

Electrochemical Degradation of Acridine Orange Dye at Ru-Doped Platinum Anode in Aqueous Solution
pp. 227-239
Authors: Rakesh, S. Ananda and Sowbhagya

Synthesis and Characterization of Certain Thermotrophic Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters Containing α, β - Unsaturated Ketone in the Main Chain
pp. 241-250
Authors: J. Sidharthan, D. Reuben Jonathan and T. Peter Amaladhas

Novel Synthesis of Heterocyclic Substituted 1,5-Benzothiazepines
pp. 251-257
Authors: Parthasarathy Muthuraman, Sreeraj Gopi and S. Narasimhan


Silk Fibroin Spheres Crosslinked by Polyethylene Glycol Diglycidyl Ether for Drug Delivery
pp. 259-269
Authors: Yodthong Baimark and Yaowalak Srisuwan

Quantitative Analysis of a-Mangostin in Fruit Hulls of Garcinia Mangostana Extract and it’s Content in Formulation by a Validated RP-HPLC Method
pp. 271-277
Authors: S. Maheshwaran, C. SureshKumar, R. MohanKumar and S. Narasimhan






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