International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering


Volume 4, Number 3 (2011)  





Estimation of Pulse Repetition Frequency for Ionospheric Communication
pp. 251-258
Sandip Nandi and Bijoy Bandyopadhyay

Performance of Reed-Solomon Codes in AWGN Channel
pp. 259-266
Anish S. Sanghvi, Nishant B. Mishra, Rajkumar Waghmode and Kiran T. Talele

Design Consideration and Effect of Parameter Variation on sub-40nm Bulk MOSFET using TCAD Tool
pp. 267-274
S. Intekhab Amin, M.S. Alam and Ruqaiya Khanam

Performance and Comparative Analysis of Still Image for Compression Ratio using Wavelets
pp. 275-282
Er. Tripatjot Singh, Er. Sanjeev Chopra, Er. Amandeep Kaur and Er. Harmanpreet Kaur

Signal Strength Dependence on Atmospheric Particulates
Yekeen O. Olasoji and Michael O. Kolawole

Mutual Coupling between Two Patches using Ideal High Impedance Surface
pp. 287-293
Vikas Kaduskar and R.S. Kawitkar

Web-controlled Embedded System using Mobile
Raj Kumar Tiwari and Santosh Kumar Agrahari

Web-controlled Embedded System using Mobile
Authors:Raj Kumar Tiwari and Santosh Kumar Agrahari

Error Performance Analysis for Equal Gain Combining with Gaussian Noise and Co-channel Interference in Nakagami-m Fading Channel
Shailendra Jain and M. Tiwari

FPGA Implementation of 32 Tap FIR Filter with Multi Hierarchy Pipeline Architecture
Sridevi Sriadibhatla and P.L.H. Varaprasad

An Efficient Hybrid Channel Allocation Algorithm based on Hot-Spot & Cold-Spot: One Step Ahead from Channel Allocation Algorithms
Yogendra Kumar Jain and Simran Kour Randhava





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