International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering  (IJECE)


Volume 5, Number 3 (2012)   




Performance Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of Various Concatenated Error Correcting Codes Using BPSK Modulation for AWGN Channel
pp. 235-244
Authors: Himanshu Saraswat, Govind Sharma, Sudhir Kumar Mishra and Vishwajeet

Design of Numerically Controlled Oscillator for Neurofeedback Interface Machine
pp. 245-255
Authors: E. Kanniga and Dr. M. Sundararajan

Efficient Beaconless Geographic Cross-Layer Routing Protocol: CoopGeo for Optimal Relay Selection in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 257-266
Author: G. Srimathy

Analysis of Reno: A TCP Variant
pp. 267-277
Authors: Jitender Sharma, Hardeep Singh Saini and Dinesh Arora

Various Fingerprint Enhancements and Matching Technique
pp. 279-289
Authors: Jyotika Chopra and Dr. P.C. Upadhyay

FPGA Implementation of Electrooculogram using Discrete Wavelet Transform
pp. 303-310
Authors: V. Priyanka, Y Padmasai, U. Malini and Pawar Chander

Forensic Analysis of Electronic Systems: A Comprehensive Methodology
pp. 311-318
Authors: Prof. D.V.S. Reddy and K. Ayyanna

EMI Filter Design for Reducing Common-Mode and Differential-Mode Noise in Conducted Interference
pp. 319-329
Authors: P.V.Y. Jayasree, J.C. Priya, G.R. Poojita and G. Kameshwari 


Performance Analysis of Fixed WiMAX in Metropolitan Area
pp. 331-341
Authors: Md. Shah Alam and Kazi Tanvir Ahmmed

A Nanoscale CMOS Technology for Hardened Latch with Efficient Design
pp. 343-349
Authors: T. Lakshmivaraprasad, M. Sivakumar, B.K.V. Prasad and Syed Inthiyaz

Behavioural Modelling and Simulation of PLL Based Integer N Frequency Synthesizer using Simulink
pp. 351-362
Authors: Jyoti P. Patra and Umesh C. Pati

Design of Quadratic Dynamic Matrix Control for Driven Pendulum System
pp. 363-370
Authors:  S. Srinivasulu Raju, T.S. Darshan and B. Nagendra

Interfacing of Automatic Gas Control Unit with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotomer via PC
pp. 371-380
Authors: Gnana Tejaswi punukollu and Dileep Chappidi






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