International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering   IJECE)


Volume 5, Number 4 (2012)   




Dynamic Nonlinear System Identification Using Discrete Time Quadratic Neural Units
pp. 545-566
Authors: AshrafE.Ghania andFrans David


Discrete Time Quadratic Neuro-Genetic Approach for Satellite Attitude Control
pp. 567-590
Authors: Ashraf E.Ghania andFrans David


Supersensitive Electrometer and Electrostatic Data Storage Using Single Electron Transistor
pp. 591-596
Author: Shruti Kakade


Detection of Buried Detonatory Objects Using GPR
pp. 597-602
Author: Aswini N


Design and Analysis of Stepped Impedance Microstrip Fractal Low Pass Filter
pp. 603-607
Authors: Niharika Singh Verma and Pankaj Singh Tomar








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