International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering  (IJECE)


Volume 6, Number 2   (2013)   





Controlling the Interference between Femto Cell and Macro Cell in LTE

pp. 111-118

Author: Renuka Rajendra B.


Transmission and Reflection Characteristics of Electromagnetic Energy in Biological Tissues

pp. 119-129

Authors: G. Radha Rani and Dr. G.S.N. Raju


Performance Analysis of OFDM Based DVB-T over Diverse Wireless Communication Channels

pp. 131-141

Authors: Dillip Dash, Arun Agarwal and Kabita Agarwal


Computational Studies on Tapered Polyetylene Rod Antennas

pp. 143-152

Authors: Dr. M.V.S. Prasad, Dr.R.V.S.Satyanarayana and P. Sri Lakshmi


Asymmetric Coplanar Strip Fed Monopole

pp. 153-164

Author: Devesh Sharma


A New-Fangled Gain Augmentation Technique by Using the Surface Mounted Short Horn

pp. 165-173

Author: Yash Kumar Kshirsagar


Reliability and Energy Efficiency in Multi-hop IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 175-185

Authors: Amit Redkar, Poorva Waigankar and Jyoti Sawant


A Hybrid Fault Detection and Correction AES for Space Application

pp. 187-197

Authors: Kalaiarasi P., N.D. bobby, C. Jayashree and R. Lavanya






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