International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering  (IJECE)


Volume 7, Number 2   (2014)   






Real Time Face Selection and Tracking Based Camera Motion Control System

pp. 89-97

Authors: Vidyashree.G.P and Ravikumar.A.V


Ethernet Implementation on Microcontroller

pp. 99-104

Authors: Yasmeen.S, Nagabhushan Katte and Anitha


Microstrip Coupler with High Isolation

pp. 105-110

Authors: S. Maheswari and T. Jayanthy


Adaptive Duty Cycle Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks using Test Bed

pp. 111-118

Authors: M. Joseph Auxilius Jude, V.C. Diniesh, V. Yaknapriya


Design of Digit Serial FIR Filter

pp. 119-124

Authors: Ms. Sneha Bire and Mrs. Mamta Sarde


Vehicle Impact Prevention at U-turns through Steering Angle Estimation Using Fuzzy Logics

pp. 125-132

Authors: Raja Tejas Yerramalli


Soft Corrosion

pp. 133-136

Authors: Bhawna and Manish Kansal


EMF Energy Radiation Trends and Analysis Due to Cellular Mobiles for 2050 at 900 MHz

pp. 137-152

Authors: K. Parandhama and RP. Gupta


Asymptotic Characterization of OFDM ChannelAssignmentand its Behavioral implications over Symbol intervalsof Subcarrier

pp. 153-173

Authors: Aiyar,Mani Laxman and Ravi (Ravinder) Prakash G


Low Cost Embedded System/Android Based Smart Home Automation System Using Wireless Networking

pp. 175-186

Authors: Subhamay Sarker, Mithun Chakraborty and Anindita Banerjee







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