International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJEC)



Volume 8 Number 1 (2016)




Diagnosis of Mechanical Faults in Electric Motors
pp. 1-6
Neelam Turk

Fault Diagnosis Using Park’s Vector Approach
pp. 7-11
Neelam Turk

Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor using MCSA
pp. 13-18
Neelam Turk

Active Damping Method for Mitigation of Resonance Propagation in Grid-connected and Islanding Microgrid by using FLC
pp. 19-36
P. Venkata Sarath, K. Sreedhar and M. Amaranatha Reddy

Compensation Strategy of voltage unbalance in Islanded Micro grids
pp. 37-52
B. Murali Mohan, M. Pala Prasad Reddy and P. Sai Siva

Star Configuration based Control Method for Transformerless H-Bridge Cascaded Statcom by Fuzzy Logic
pp. 53-69
S.S. Deekshit, S.Sanjeeva Rayudu and Y.Nagendra

Power Quality Improvement & Energy Management Using Mmc Based Active Device
pp. 71-83
M.Ramesh, R. Madhan Mohan and B. Ajeyudu

Distributed MPPT Connected with Cascade H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter for Grid Friendly Applications by Fuzzy
pp. 85-98
M. Sai Sandeep, M. Sai Sandeep and M. Rajasekhar





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