International Journal of Electrical Engineering  (IJEE)


Volume 6, Number 2, (2013)   





A Novel Technique for Protection of Parallel Transmission Line Using Wavelet Transform

pp. 205-220

Authors: S.Sendilkumar, V. Arulalan, S. Selvi3 B.Akila, G.Thiagu and S.Santhosh


Finite Element Analysis of an Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Generator

pp. 99-116

Authors: Yazid Kraimeen, Ibrahim Al-Adwan and Munaf S. N. Al-Din


Refined Genetic Algorithm for Short Term Generation Scheduling Problem in Regulated and Deregulated Power System

pp. 117-122
Authors: K.Lakshmi and S.Vasantharathna


Energy Saving of AC Voltage Controller Fed Induction Motor Drives Using Matlab/Simulink

pp. 123-136

Author: Mohamed A. Enany


A Modified Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter topology with Reduced Number of Power Electronic
Switching Components

pp. 137-149

Authors: S.Meenakshi Sundaravel and Dr.S.Murugan


Optimal Regulator Design using Kalmanís State Estimator for A Non Linear Multivariable Process

pp. 151-165

Authors: D.Angeline Vijula and N.Devarajan


A Fast Power Flow Solution of Radial Distribution Networks

pp. 167-173

Authors: S. Manikandan, Dr.S.Sasitharan and Dr J.Viswanatha Rao


Design of Area Optimized, Low Power, High Speed Multiplier Using Optimized PDP Full Adder

pp. 175-187

Authors: M.Kathirvelu and Dr.T.Manigandan


Static Var Compensator: Effect of Fuzzy Controller and Changing Membership Functions in its operation

pp. 189-196

Authors: Manju P. and Subbiah V.


Intelligent Technique Based Shunt Active Filter To Reduce Harmonics In Power Systems

pp. 197-203

Authors: C.B.Venkataramanan and Dr.S.Padma





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