International Journal of Electrical Engineering  (IJEE)


Volume 6, Number 3, (2013)   





Indirect Current Control of LCL Based Shunt Active Power Filter

pp. 221-230

Authors: S. Prema and J. Jasper Gnanachandran


Comparative Analysis of an integration of a Wind Energy Conversion System of PMSG and DFIG Models Connected to Power Grid

pp. 231-248

Authors: Sasi C. and Dr. G. Mohan


Direct Chloro Ethanol Fuel Cells: Challenges and Future Trends

pp. 249-258

Authors: Ritesh Pathak and B. Tiwari


Modelling of a Standalone Photovoltaic System with Charge Controller for Battery Energy Storage System

pp. 259-268

Authors: M.Gengaraj and J.Jasper Gnanachandran


Reduction of Harmonics for Traction System Using Shunt Active Filter

pp. 269-276

Authors: N.S. Pratheeba and J. Jasper Gnanachandran


Mitigation of Harmonics in Voltage flicker Compensation using STATCOM

pp. 277-288

Authors: Chandrashekhar V. Rahane1 and Anita A.Bhole


Power Quality Enhancement Strategy of Hybrid Distributed Generation System

pp. 289-299

Authors: M. Sahithullah and Dr. A. Senthil Kumar


Interleaved Buck Boost Converter Fed DC Motor 

pp. 301-309

Authors: M.Vellaiyarasi, K. Esakki Shenbaga Loga and J. Jasper Gnana Chandran


Electric Power Generation Using Triple Helix Designed Wind Turbine for Urban Houses with Distribution System

pp. 311-317

Authors: Payal Gupta, O.P. Verma and Nirmal Kushawah


Impedance Characteristics of the Grounding Simulation for Grid and Combination of Grid-Rod Configuration which Injected by Variable Current Frequency

pp. 319-328

Authors: Anggoro B. and Yunandar E.


Control of Transformerless Inverter Supplying Linear and Non-linear Loads

pp. 329-337

Authors: Shailaja K. and Umamaheswari B.


A Responsive Neuro-Fuzzy Intelligent Controller via Emotional Learning for Indirect Vector Control (IVC) of Induction Motor Drives

pp. 339-349

Authors: Pradeep B Jyoti, J.Amarnath, and D.Subbarayudu


Study of the Variation of Lamp Electrode Temperature for Low Power Factor Self Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Lamp(S)

pp. 351-363

Authors: Aniruddha Mukherjee


Optimized she PWM Technique with Odd and Even Values Using GA for Three Phase Voltage Source Inverters

pp. 365-372

Authors: Prof D. Rajalakshmi, Dr. K. Geetha and D. Kavinpriya






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