International Journal of Electrical Engineering  (IJEE)


Volume 7, Number 2,  (2014)   





A New Linear Matrix Method for Calculating Slot Less Permanent Magnets Motors
pp. 151-183
Author: Andre YOUMSSI

Predictive Capabilities of Cubic Turbulence Model in the Square Duct
pp. 185-195
Authors: Honoré Gnanga, Zita H. Moussambi Membetsi, Roger Ondo Ndong, Hugues M. Omanda, Zaynab Salloum

Power Sector Reform: The Nigeria Experience
pp. 197-209
Authors: ENGR.A. D. OKAFOR

Power Quality Improvement of Distribution System by Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis
pp. 211-226
Authors: P. Nalini and Dr. K. Selvi

Design of Earthing System for 400 kV AC Substation: A Case Study
pp. 227-239
Authors: Nitin. R. Bhasme and Swapnil. G. Shah

Design of a Hybrid Power Generation System Employing Boost Converters and a Transformer-less Inverter Switching Circuit
pp. 241-256
Authors: Sameer Ahmed Khan Mojlish

Robust Tuning of Power System Stabilizers Using Coefficient Diagram Method
pp. 257-270
Authors: Vasu Puligundla and Jayanta Pal

Harmonic Reduction using Proposed Multilevel Inverter
pp. 271-278
Authors: Kiruthika K, Jyoti P. Koujalagi, Bindiya Patil and Mahesha N.B

Need for Reliability Assessment of Special Protection System
pp. 279-286
Authors: Binod Adhikari and Chandrashekhar A Badachi

Enhancing the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in Baghdad Power Grid through Smart Link
pp. 297-308
Authors: Ihsan Mizher Baht and Dr. E. Vidya Sagar

Simulation and Analysis of ZSI in UPFC for Power Flow Improvement
pp. 309-314
Authors: Sunpreet Kaur Kharoud and Parag Nijhawan

Reduction of the Risk Level in Future Superconductor Distribution Network
pp. 315-326
Author: Mustafa.A. Elsherif

Tracking Solution by using Optimal Control
pp. 327-332
Authors: Alireza Rezaee and Seyed Behshad Mousavi

Investigation of the Superconductor Application in Medium Distribution Networks to Meet the Future Demand
pp. 333-344
Authors: M. Elsherif, M. Zaggout, K. Ramadan, E. Zakaria and M. Eljaarani

Design and Implementation of Three Phase Γ-Z Source Inverter for Asynchronous Motor
pp. 345-352
Authors: N. Karthick and Dr. V. Ramakrishnan

Design of Optimum Adaptive Control for DC Motor
pp. 353-366
Authors: M. Rathaiah, P. Ram Kishore Kumar Reddy and K.S.R. Anjaneyulu







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