International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 11, Number 1 (2018)





Identification of Quercetin as a Potential Anti-Neuroinflammatory Agent using BV2 Microglia Cell System and in Silico Molecular Docking Technology
pp. 1-10
Dong-Chan Kim

FPGA based Efficient CORDIC based N-Point FFT Architecture for Advanced OFDM
pp. 11-27
Shalini J and Y R Manjunatha

An Efficient Moving Human Detection Algorithm for Intelligent CCTV Systems
pp. 29-39
Nuwan Sanjeewa and Won Ho Kim

Investigation of Coumestrol as a Potent IKK-beta Inhibitor Using Microglia Cell System and Computer Aided Drug Design Technology
pp. 41-50
Dong-Chan Kim

Allocation of Human Resources in a Health Care Organization through Goal Programming
pp. 51-63
Praveen Kumar K M, Harish Babu G A and Uday Kumar K N

Capital Budgeting Decision through Goal Programming
pp. 65-71
Sandeep Kumar K, Harish Babu G A and Uday Kumar K N

A Goal Programming Approach to Large Scale Thermal Power Generation Units
pp. 73-89
P Sridevi, Harish Babu G A and Uday Kumar K N

Gap Analysis Between Macondo Deep Water Horizon Drilling Blowout With Regulations And Industry Standards & Codes
pp. 91-104
Gokulakrishnan Thiyagarajan and Mesfin Belayneh

Dynamic Viscoelasticity and Dynamic Sagging Correlation of Four Oil Based Drilling Fluids (OBM)
pp. 105-115
Thomas Sharman and Mesfin Belayneh


An Efficient Tag Generation based Data Compression Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 117-143
Usha Tiwari and Shabana Mehfuz

Optimization of Energy Conservation in Air Conditioned System Smart Class Room of a School building: Approach to Human comfort and Energy Management
pp. 145-163
V. Thiyagarajan, T. Tamizharasan, N. Senthilkumar and B. Karthikeyan






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