International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 11, Number 12 (2018)





Computer simulation of the submerged arc welding process on the basis of self-consistent physico-mathematical model
pp. 1837-1850
S.S. Miller

Punching Shear Behavior of Voided Reinforced Concrete Flat Plate Panels
pp. 1851-1862
Aamer Najim Abbas and Esraa Kamal Jaafer

Enhancement of Three Phase system to optimize Active Power Filter based on Clarke and park transformation to minimize the losses power
pp. 1863-1872
Afaf Ahmed Abed

Thermoelastic Model of Ceramic Materials with Fractional Order Strain and Variable Thermal Conductivity
pp. 1873-1889
Zeinab Abouelnaga, E. Bassiouny and Hamdy M. Youssef

An improvement in LQR controller design for TLIP system via model order reduction
pp. 1891-1900
Mudita Juneja and S.K.Nagar

Jaya: An Evolutionary Optimization Technique for Obtaining the Optimal Dthr Value of Evolving Clustering Method (ECM)
pp. 1901-1912
Al-Hakam Ayad Salih, Ahmed Hussein Ali and Nada Yousif Hashim

CO2 Corrosion and Its Consequences on the Uniform Walled Tubular Burst and Collapse Pressure Rating
pp. 1913-1922
Mesfin Belayneh and Nikka Puspitarini

Construction Cost Overruns in Transmission Grid Projects
pp. 1923-1948
Soo-Yong Kim, Hai Pham and Truong-Van Luu

Extremum Seeking based Supervisory Control for a Variable Speed Variable Pitch Wind Turbine Benchmark
pp. 1949-1967
Bambang L. Widjiantoro, Katherin Indriawati and Ali Musyafa

A Study on Cooling Rate with Blade and Sound Fire Extinguisher
pp. 1969-1976
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Normal Strength Concrete and Modified Reactive Powder Concrete under the Effect of Repeated Load and Elevated Temperatures
pp. 1977-1987
Wameedh Ghassan Abdul-Hussein, Aamer Najim Abbas and Hussain Haider Abdulzahra

Development of Patient-specific Artificial Testicle Device
pp. 1989-1997
Hyun-Jun Park, Dong-Kyun Kim, Gwang-Tae Kim and Jei-Pil Wang

Active Sonar Target Classification Using Multi-aspect Sensing and Deep Belief Networks
pp. 1999-2008
Jongwon Seok

Design of an Optimal Digital IIR Filter for Heart Rate Variability by Photoplethysmogram
pp. 2009-2021
Jeom Keun Kim and Jae Mok Ahn

An Overview on Using the Chicken Manure (CM) Waste as a Bio-binder for Sustainable Flexible Pavement
pp. 2023-2033
Abdulnaser M. Al-Sabaeei, Madzlan bin Napiah, Muslich H. Sutanto, Wesam S. Alaloul and Aiban A. S Ghaleb

pp. 2035-2043
S. Sharma and W. Yoon

Removal of Manganese from Water Using Modified Natural Zeolite
pp. 2045-2059
Tomáš Bakalár and Henrieta Pavolová

Independent Attributes for m-Concepts in a Soft Context Induced by a Soft Set
pp. 2061- 2072
Young Key Kim and Won Keun Min

Creep-Recovery behaviour of Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) Containing Trans-Polyoctenamer
pp. 2073-2088
Herda Yati Katman, Mohd Rasdan Ibrahim, Shuhairy Norhisham, Norlela Ismail and Noorhazlinda Abd Rahman

Finding the Novel Effect of the Asiatic Acid as a Potential Anti-neuroinflammatory Agent Using Microglia Cell System and In Silico Molecular Docking Technology
pp. 2089-2098
Dong-Chan Kim

Strength of Concrete Having Different Ratios of MetaKaolin under Graduated Temperatures Rising
pp. 2099-2124
Assist Lec. Lubna Mohammed Abd, Lec. Dr. Arshad Nadhom Mohammed Ali and Lecturer Muhannd Waleed Majeed

Active Sonar Target Classification Using Classifier Ensembles
pp. 2125-2133
Jongwon Seok

Investigation of Inverse Kinematics Software Program of KUKA Manipulator Robot and Creation of Optimal Trajectory Control for Quality Evaluation within Chemical Production Lines
pp. 2135-2158
Mohamed T. Eraky, Dmitry V. Zubov and Konstantin S. Krysanov

Dynamic Response to welded joints of low Carbon Steel with Different Edges
pp. 2159-2166
Awatif Mustafa Ali and Kamal abdl-kreem Mohammed

Reactive Power Allocation Method in a Wind Farm for Improved Voltage Profile and Loss Reduction
pp. 2167-2182
Hong-Chao Gao, Sang-Yun Yun, Joon-Ho Choi and Seon-Ju Ahn

Performance Tuning and Evaluation of Fuzzy Agent Model using ANFIS for Consumer-Relationship Management
pp. 2183-2197
Jaya Sinha and Shri Kant

Performance Evaluation of Intensity Modulation for Satellite laser Communication
pp. 2199-2204
Seon Gi Kim and Won Ho Kim






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