International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 11, Number 4 (2018)





Low-Power Near-Explicit 5:2 Compressor for Superior Performance Multipliers
pp. 529-545
Lavanya. M, Ranjan K. Senapati and JVR Ravindra

Development of a Dashboard Destined to Improve the Performance and Quality Insurance: Case of Employability
pp. 547-562
Abdelhak Lahlali and Houda El Aoufir

Verification, Validation and Evaluation for Quality of Services of Expert System for Bus
pp. 563-574
Shuhairy Norhisham, Nor Hazwani Nor Khalid, Nur ain Md. Isa, Amiruddin Ismail and Muhammad Nazri Borhan

Performance evaluation of Peak-To-Average-Power Ratio Reduction techniques in OFDM
pp. 575-593
Othman S. Al-Heety, Mahamod Ismail, Zahriladha Zakaria and Mohammed A. Altahrawi

Design of Helical Antenna for Wideband Frequency
pp. 595-603
M. Y. Zeain, M. Abu, Z.Zakaria and HSM Sariera and H.Lago

Dynamic Rule-based Agent
pp. 605-613
Suk Hoon Shin, Jung Hoon Kim and Sung Do Chi

Cryptanalysis of an Improved ECDSA
pp. 615-619
Dhanashree K. Toradmalle, Jayabhaskar Muthukuru and B. Sathyanarayana

Master Data Management Maturity Model for the successful of MDM initiatives in the Microfinance sector in Peru
pp. 621-636
Daniel Vásquez, Romina Kukurelo, Carlos Raymundoa Francisco Dominguez and Javier Moguerz

G-HWRF: Gene Signature based Hierarchical Weighted Random Forest Clustering Technique for High Dimensional Human Disease Data Sets
pp. 637-648
N.K.Sakthivel, N.P.Gopalan and S.Subasree

Personal Data Protection Maturity Model for the Micro Financial Sector in Peru
pp. 649-660
Arturo García, Francisco Dominguez, Luis Calle, Javier Martinez and Carlos Raymundo

Smart Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizer for Cancer Patterns Classification and Prediction
pp. 661-673
S. Subasree, N.P.Gopalan and N.K. Sakthivel

Design of Barker code generator in optical domain using Mach-Zehnder interferometer
pp. 675-687
Rajiv Kumar, Niranjan Kumar and Poonam Singh

Design of Adaptive Hybrid Windowing FIR Filter For Acoustic Noise Reduction in Underwater Communication
pp. 689-714
D. Kalaiyarasi and Dr. T. Kalpalatha Reddy






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