International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 12, Number 08 (2019)




A Hybrid Model of a Collaborative Crime Information System
pp. 1146-1156
Chikodili Ugwuishiwu, Frances Bakpo and Collins Udanor

Peak Wind Coefficients of Piloti Cladding on High Rise Buildings
pp. 1157-1163
Jang-Youl You, Min-Woo Park and Ki-Pyo You

Management of a Smart Factory using Fog Computing
pp. 1165-1170
Jinsub Han, Insub Kim, Hyunmo Yu and Hoon Choi

Effects of Oil Layer Plastering on the Performance of Local Earthen Cistern
pp. 1171-1177
Boniface Obi UGWUISHIWU, Benjamin Okwudili MAMA and Peter N. IDOKO

Clculation of Ground State Energy of Helium using Hylleraas Trial Function Expansiona
pp. 1178-1182
Sri Purwaningsih, Pekik Nurwantoro and Arief Hermanto

Bioinspired Optimization Tool for the Investment Portfolio Selection Problem
pp. 1183-1190
Holman Montiel Ariza, Harvey Gómez Castillo and Luz A. Gaviria Roa

An Overview on Quantum Computing: The Next Generation in Computing Technology
pp. 1191-1199
Chikodili H. Ugwuishiwu, Jideofor Ujah and Albert E. Egi

Tabu Search Based Pilot Allocation Algorithm in Massive MIMO
pp. 1200-1204
Rand Abdul Hussain and Josko Zec

The Influence of Shoe on Posture and Performance of Rifle Shooters – A Comparative Study
pp. 1205-1209
Seoung Eun KIM

A Study on the Reduction of Zinc Dust using Methane Gas
pp. 1210-1212
Jei-Pil Wang

Inhaler Usage Training for Mothers of Infants with Respiratory Disease
pp. 1213-1217
Min-Hyang Park, Heon-Seok Han and Han-Sug Lee

Methodology of Defining Environment and Development Priorities in Coastal Areas
pp. 1218-1226
Noha Ahmed Abd Elmonam, Mohamed Mohamed El Barmelgy and Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby

Performance Evaluation of Briquette Produced from a Designed and Fabricated Piston-Type Briquetting Machine
pp. 1227-1238
Ikubanni Peter Pelumi, Omololu Tobiloba, Ofoegbu Wallace, Omoworare Oluwatoba, Adeleke Adekunle Akanni, Agboola Olayinka Oluwole and Olabamiji Taye Sola

Visualization and Synchronization of Object-oriented Programs using Re-engineering Approach
pp. 1239-1246
Ahid Yaseen and Hamed Fawareh

Statically Analytical Study of Factors Affecting Real Estate Valuation of Residential Units
pp. 1247-1258
Tarek Abdel-latif Abul-atta and Dalia Shalaby El Damaty

Influence of Soil Density and Moisture on Seismic Stability of Slope Structures
pp. 1259-1262
D. Zh. Artykbaev, H. Z. Rasulov and K. S. Baybolov

Identification of the Phase Composition of Dental Ceramic Materials
pp. 1263-1268
K. D. Altynbekov, B. Zh. Nysanova, L. P. Antonova, Ye. A. Berdimbetov, K. M. Smagulov

A Study of the Bond Strength of Dental Ceramic Masses and Stomet-1kz and Stomet-2kz Cast Alloys by Three-Point Bending Methods
pp. 1269-1277
K. D. Altynbekov, B. Zh. Nysanova, V. R. Dolgikh, L. P. Antonova and M. K. Shayakhmetova

Effect of Infill Panels on the Seismic Vulnerability of Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Frames
pp. 1278-1287
Nurul Amiera Rosman, Sophia C. Alih, Nur Amalina Anuar, Nurul Nabila Fazilan, Nur Hajarul Falahi Abdul Halim and Hossein Shad

Structural and Hydraulic Performance of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Clay
pp. 1288-1292
Issoufou Amani Chuitou, Thuo Joseph Ng'ang'a, and Raphael N. Mutuku

Fast Size-Invariant Binary Image MatchingThrough Dissimilarity Detection via Pixel Mapping
pp. 1293-1306
Adnan A. Y. Mustafa

Deteriorating Items Supply Chain Inventory Model for Single Vendor Single Buyer under Time and Price Dependent Demand
pp. 1307-1312
R.D. Patel and Jiten Patel

A Novel Mesh Simplification Method Based on Vertex Removal Using Surface Angle
pp. 1313-1320
Hongle Li and SeongKi Kim

Development of Newly Proposed Drying System for Sludge Treatment
pp. 1321-1325
Dong-Kyun Kim, Jin-Sung Lee and Jei-Pil Wang

Recommendations to Generate a Culture of Innovationin the Colombian Productive Sector
pp. 1326-1331
Luz A. Gaviria Roa, Harvey Gómez Castillo and Holman Montiel Ariza

Effect of the Carbon Content on the Abrasive Wear Behavior in Ductile Cast Irons
pp. 1332-1334
Luis Iván Negrín Hernández, Eduardo Alberto Pérez Ruiz, Oscar Javier Araque de los Ríos Nelson Cárdenas Olivier and Acácio Figueirêdo Neto

Lithological Types and Reservoir Properties of KT-II reservoir on the Eastern edge of Pre-Caspian Basin
pp. 1335-1340
G. Ye. Kulumbetova, S. G. Nursultanova and R. M. Mailybayev

Simulation Coupled Fuzzy-AHP Approach for Decision ofWater Shortage Mitigation Strategies
pp. 1341-1349
S. Teklu, Ahmed H. Soliman and Alaa El-Zawahry

The Situation of Infection Control in Hospitals and Search for Ways to Improve It– Focusing on the MERS Outbreak –
pp. 1350-1353
Min-Hyang Park and Heon-Seok Han

Technical Measures to Ensure Safety in Operating Load Combination
pp. 1354-1361
Pham Duc and Pham Thi Yen

A Novel Method for the Evaluation of the Influence of Transformational Leadership Style on Employees’ Turnover Intention (IT) in the Retail Industry as Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0
pp. 1362-1370
Ngoc Bich Thi Do

Research Simulation of the Transmission System of the Hydraulic Steering System with Automation Studio Software
pp. 1371-1380
Ngoc Tuyen Pham





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