International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 14, Number 04 (2021)





Model for the Generation of Digital Academic Certificates
pp. 298-301
Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon, Elkin Gregorio Florez Serrano and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillo

Application Model (software) for the Comprehensive Management of Cardiovascular Risk in Hypertensive and Diabetic Patients
pp. 302-307
Eustorgio Amed Salazar, Luis Eduardo Morato Romero and Jhon Jairo Martinez Meza

Design of a unidirectional valve for mechanical respirator duplicator, during Covid-19 times in Colombia
pp. 308-313
Edwin Rua R., Edwin Torres D., Saúl Hernandez M., Leonardo Cely, Fernando Jimenez, Camilo Vargas and Gonzalo Guillermo Moreno Contreras

Expert System for Simulation of Litigation Outcome in Breaching the Administrative Construction Contracts
pp. 314-322
Mohamed A. Mohamed, Ahmed M. El-Dokhmasey and Moheeb E. Ibrahim

The problem of tangency to three non-homothetic conics
pp. 323-332
H. Isawi, S. Dahabreh, D. Altarawneh and H. Alsawalqa

Effect of control arm position parameters on vehicles used for competition
pp. 333-338
Fabian Fuentes Martinez, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Description of the meshing process in tool wear analysis
pp. 339-346
Jonathan Javier Pabon, Luz Karime Hernandez Gegen and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Characterization of the wind potential in a rural zone in Colombia using different probability distribution functions
pp. 347-354
Juan Carlos Serrano-Rico, Elkin Gregorio Florez-Serrano and Sir Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Simulation of the Rayleigh-Benard Convective Flow Problem using a LBEM Method
pp. 355-360
Raquel I. Laguado R, Florez Serrano, Elkin Gregorio and Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon

Analysis of the weight supported by the wheels and its influence on the suspension system
pp. 361-370
Fabian Fuentes Martinez, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Level of Traffic Noise Annoyances Based on Subjective Approaches
pp. 371-374
Irwan Lakawa, Sulaiman, L. Musa Rachmat, Sufrianto, and S.N Ibnu

Education and Migration: Problems in the Teaching and Learning Process of Ecuadorian University Students Abroad
pp. 375-385
Mercedes Navarro Cejas, Magda Francisca Cejas Martínez, Gerardo Miguel Nieves Loja, Derling Jose Mendoza Velazco and Carmen Siavil Varguillas Carmona

Accessibility analysis to Private Schools by Private vehicle and transit in Manizales (Colombia), It is fair?
pp. 386-395
Juan M. Gómez, Diego A. Escobar and Carlos A. Moncada








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