International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology


Volume 3, Number 3a (2010)  





Performance of Single-Cylinder Compression Ignition Engine with Indigenous Jatropha Oil Biodiesel
pp. 169-180
Authors: Devendra Vashist and Mukhtar Ahmad

Simulation of Wireless ADSL and Realization through Hardware
pp. 181-188
Authors: Mithun Chakraborty, Sourav Dhar, Sayantani Sarkar, P. Pradhan, R. Pradhan and S. Sunar

Heuristic Solution Approaches for Minimizing the Unbalance of the Machine Processing Time between the Set -up on Parallel Machine in Flexible Manufacturing System
pp. 189-197
Authors: B.V. Raghavendra and A.N.N. Murthy

Energy Analysis and Evaluation of Carbon Credits Earned from a Double Slope Active Solar Still under Natural Circulation Mode
pp. 199-206
Authors: V.K. Dwivedi, Anil Sethi and Gajendra Singh

Prediction Model for Soil Strength Parameters
pp. 207-225
Authors: Rajeev Jain, Pradeep Kumar Jain and Sudhir Singh Bhadauria

Adaptive Spectral Decomposition for Speech Recognition
pp. 227-240
Authors: G. Krishna Reddy, Shaik Meeravali and G. Muralidhar

Thermodynamic Analysis of Cooled Blade Gas Turbine Cycle with Inlet Fogging
pp. 241-250
Authors: D. Mahto, M. Tariq and A. Srivatava

Blocking Performance Analysis for Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs) with Different Traffic Intensities
pp. 251-256
Authors: T.S. Indumathi, K. Rajaiah and T. Srinivas

Crashworthiness of a Structure
pp. 257-275
Authors: Mudit Rastogi

Voltage Profile and Loss Assessment of a Power Network under Stressed and Contingent Condition using TCSC and HVDC Link in a Deregulated Environment
pp. 277-290
Authors: Sawan Sen, S. Sengupta, Sandip Chanda and A. Chakrabarti

Rainfall-Inflow Simulation using ANN
pp. 291-298

Authors: S.K. Jaiswal, M.K. Verma and Mohan Gupta

A Comparison of Gas Flaring and Other Gas Utilization Options Available in the Niger Delta
pp. 299-308
Authors: S.O. Amiebenomo and A.E. Aiwize

Comparison and Analysis of Advanced Encryption Standards with Safety Factor
pp. 309-317
Authors: Minal Moharir and A.V. Suresh

Effect of Diesel Particulate Spherical Type Filter on Single Cylinder Stationary C. I. Engine Performance and Exhaust Emission
pp. 319-326
Authors: M.S. Deshmukh, J.P. Modak and K.M. Nayak

Upgradation of Minerals through Bioleaching
pp. 327-332
Authors: Y. Prasanna Kumar, P. Vijetha, B. Sumalatha, P. Pallavi, D. John Babu, K. Maria Das and G. Kalyani

Leadership Styles Inextricably Intertwined with Alternative Energy of Solar, Wind, or Hybrid as Disruptive Technologies
pp. 333-356
Authors: D.B.A. Joseph Aluya




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