International Journal of Information Sciences and Application (IJISA)

Volume 3, Number 1 (2011)




Modeling on Personalized Web based Collaborative Learning in Web 3.0
pp. 1-6
Authors: S. Padma and Ananthi Seshasaayee

Features to be Added in Future Social Networking Sites for Education.
pp. 7-10
Authors: Vipeesh P. and Shajan P.X.

Globally Reliable E-Mail: An Application of Triple-EHDES over Teeming Channel
pp. 11-17
Authors: Ramveer Singh, Awakash Mishra, Akshay Tyagi and Deo Brat Ojha

A Hybrid Approach on Shortest Path in Fuzzy Network
pp. 19-23
Authors: A. Nagoorgani and A. Mumtaj Begam


An Efficient Quicksort using Value based Pivot Selection an Bidirectional Partitioning
pp. 25-30
Authors: Runumi Devi and Vineeta Khemchandani


Audiencesí Judgments of Speakers Who Use Multimedia Technology as a Presentation Aid: A Contribution to Educational and Training Institutions
Authors:Sudesh Lather and Parisha Sangwan


Application of Principal Component Analysis for Simulation Software Selection
Authors:Ashu Gupta


Secure Transmission of Medical Image by Blind Watermarking Technique
Authors:Shaik Basheera, D. Bhanu Prakash and P.V. Naganjanyulu


Algorithms for Mining Sequential Patterns

pp. 59-69
Authors: K.M.V. Madan Kumar and Dr. P.V.S. Srinivas


Reliable Network design optimization using binary particle swarm optimization
pp. 71-82
Authors: B. M. G. Prasad and P.V.S. Srinivas





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