International Journal of Information Sciences and Application (IJISA)



Volume 5, Number 1-2 (2013)





Web Services Stepping Ahead

pp. 1-10

Authors: Shweta Roy and Dr Ranjit Singh


An Unsupervised Technique for Statistical Data Analysis Using Data Mining

pp. 11-20

Authors: Dr. K. Meena, Dr. M. Manimekalai and Mrs. S. Rethinavalli


Extracting Multi Granular Implicit Spatial References in Event Descriptions

pp. 21-32

Authors: V. R. Kanagavalli and Dr. K. Raja


Cluster Analysis on Statistical Data using Agglomerative Method

pp. 33-38

Authors: Dr. M. Manimekalai, Mrs. M. Anusha and Mrs. G. SriNaganya


Measuring Stress using Saliva Data Sets

pp. 39-44

Authors: Mrs.M.Anusha and Mrs.G.SriNaganya


Issues and Techniques in Data Mining and Cluster Techniques
pp. 45-56
Authors: Pankaj Kumar, Paritosh Kumar and Gajraj Singh






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