International Journal of Materials Physics(IJMP)


Volume 2, Number 1 (2011)





Synthesis and Electrical Characterization of Dominant Columbite Phase of BaNb2O6: Optimization of Calcination and Sintering
pp. 1-19
Authors: K.N. Singh and P.K. Bajpai


Modeling and Evaluation of Erosion Wear Suspension System
Authors:Lalit Upadhayay and Satish Kumar


Analytical Approach for Buckministerfullerene C60: Structure and Properties
Authors:Jyotsna Sharma and Yogita Sharma


Preparation and Characterization of FeS2 Thin Films by Chemical Bath Deposition Method
Authors:Munikrishna Reddy Y, Parameshwara Reddy G and Vedavathi A


Structural Properties of KCuO
Authors:N. Ramakrishnaiah and T. Subba Rao


Structural Properties of ZnCaO
Authors:K.S.R. Chandrasekhar Rao, N. Ramakrishnaiah and T. Subba Rao


Effect of Plasma Nitriding on Different Types of Steel at Two Different Temperatures
Authors:Abhishek Sharma, K. Sachdev, G. Zala, Alphonsa J.
and K.C. Swami


Theoretical Model to Study the Effect of Concentration and Impurities on the Fluorescence Spectrum of Fluorescein Solution in Ethanol using Fourier Series 𚗊
Authors:Dr. Mahasin F. Al-Kadhemy, Dr. Ali A. Al-Zuky
and Israa F. Alsharuee


Theoretical Modeling for the Effect of Illumination on the SnO2/n-Si Hetero-junction Devices Irradiated with Gamma Ray
Authors:Mahasin F. Al-Kadhemy





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