International Journal of Materials Physics (IJMP)


Volume 3, Number 1 (2012)




Oxidation Behavior of Power Plant Materials at Different Water Vapour Environments
pp. 1-12
Authors: P. Mathiazhagan and A.S. Khanna

Growth and Optical and Thermal Studies of Urea Thiourea (UTU) Single Crystals
pp. 13-18
Authors: S. Gopinath, S. Barathan and R. Rajasekaran

Determination of the Kinetics Parameters of Se100-xZnx Glassy Alloys by using an Isothermal Method
pp. 19-29
Authors: Mohd. Nasir and M. Zulfequar

Different Composition Study of Nd1-xBaxMnO3 Nanocrystalline Perovskite using Citrate Pyrolysis Process
pp. 31-38
Authors: Jessica R. Chocha, Pooja A. Chhelavda and J.A. Bhalodia

Study of the Effect of Thermal Treatment in the Preparation of Li2B4O7: Cu, Ag, P phosphor
pp. 39-43
Authors: Th. Ranjan Singh, S. Nabadwip Singh and A. Nabachandra Singh

Determination of Traps of Al2O3 by Various Heating Rate Method
pp. 45-50
Authors: B. Arunkumar Sharma, S. Nabadwip Singh and Raheijuddin Sheikh







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