International Journal of NanoScience and Nanotechnology (IJNN)


Volume 10, Number 2 (2019)  






Mathematical Modeling of Nano-Fiber Membrane System in Food Industry Waste Water Treatment
Hyun Jun Kim and Ye Seul Son

Synthesis and characterisation of nanocrystalline cobalt ferrite spheres with silver metal core
Joon Tae Kim and He Zhu

Experimental investigation on stability of Al2O3-Water Nanofluid using response surface methodology
Changcheng Huang and Elissar Khloussy

Synthesis and Characterization of Bulk and Nano La0.6Ba0.4-xCaxMnO3 (0 = x = 0.02) Perovskite Manganite Materials
Yuming Jiang and Nihat Kabaoglu

Study of PbS Nanocrystalline Thin Films Synthesized by CBD Method
Eylem Erdogan and Erdogan Aydin

Synthesis of ZnO/MgO Nanocomposites by Electrochemical Method for Photocatalytic Degradation Kinetics of Eosin Yellow Dye
Lei Ma and Na Yan

Transport Studies on Substitutional Effect in Chemically Grown Nanostructured Manganite Films
Sizheng Chen

Synthesis, Electrical, Resistivity, Studies Of Ni-Zn Nano Ferrites By Chemical Co-Precipitation Method
Yangzi Liu and Hao Min





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