International Journal of NanoScience and Nanotechnology (IJNN)


Volume 9, Number 2 (2018)  





Modeling and Analysis of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Parameters in Machining of Inconel 718
Yu Yu and Xiangxue Li

Survey on High Speed Computing System Architectures

Xiangxue Li and Qifeng Zhou

A Comparative Study on Different Application Procedures on Climatic Data Logger for Outdoor Environmental Survey

Xiangxue Li and Dong Zheng

Analysis of Malignant Nucleus and Cytoplasm Segmentation using ASIC algorithms (Accurately Segmenting the Individual Cell)

Hui Li

A Survey of Neural Network Energy Efficiency Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Rong Ma and Zhenfu Cao

Fatigue Life of Electrodischarge Drilled Inconel 718

Xingkai Wang


Roll and Need of Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology in Modern World: A Review
pp. 179-183
Mr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Darshan Lal and Ms. Komal






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