International Journal of Physics and Applications (IJPA)


Volume 5, Number 1 (2013)





A Comparative Report on Micro Structural Analysis
pp. 1-5
Authors: A. Sinthiya and S. Amsareka

Spectra and Decay Properties of S-Wave Bottomonium States
pp. 7-12
Author: Dhirendra Singh

Statistical Simulation Methods
pp. 13-18
Author: Elham Jasim Mohammad

Multilayer Thin Films Dielectric Double Chirped Mirrors Design
pp. 19-23
Authors: Elham Jasim Mohammad

Point Asymmetry in Charge Shift Model for Electric Field Gradient in TCP Metals
pp. 25-32
Authors: B.C. Rai and A. Kumar

Electric field gradient in stannum-II

pp. 33-39

Author: B.C.Rai


Design and Analysis Superprism Effects in 1D Photonics Crystal

pp. 41-45

Authors: Gaillan H. Abdullah, ElhamJasim Mohammad and Shaimaa Hasan Kafy


Theoretical Design of Picoseconds Fabry–Pérot Filter and Study the Dispersion using Coupled Mode Equation

pp. 47-57

Authors: Elham Jasim Mohammad


Characterization of Sodium Chloride Doped with Resorcinol

pp. 59-67

Authors: Rita A.Gharde, Divakar T. Chunarkar and Santosh A. Mani


Measurements of Indoor Radon, Thoron Progeny Levels in some Dwellings by Using SSNTD

pp. 69-76

Authors: H.K. Sarma, P.C. Deka, S. Sarkar, T. D. Goswami and B. K. Sarma





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