International Journal of Physics and Applications (IJPA)


Volume 5, Number 2 (2013)





Association between Geomagnetic Storms and Forbush Decreases

pp. 77-81

Authors: Lalan Prasad, Suman Garia and Beena Bhatt


Comparative Study of Thermal Conductivity and Density of Three Landforms in Akwa Ibom State

pp. 83-89

Authors: Samuel T. EBONG, Godfrey T. AKPABIO and Ekaette S. ATTAI


Preparation of Ni-Zn Substituted on Barium and Cobalt Ferrites

pp. 91-97

Authors: S. V. Soni, C. L. Khobragade, Rahul Khatarkar and U. V. Rathod


Pair Impurities in Alkali Halides-2:Analytical Expressions

pp. 99-101

Authors: R.K. Gupta, Rakesh Kothari, Sushamana Sharma and Neetu Tiwari


Charge Oscillations in Copper Oxide Superconductors

pp. 103-108

Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha and Merline Sebastian


Ultrasonic Analysis of Acoustic and Thermodynamic Properties of a Gylycl Peptide in Non Aqueous Medium

pp. 109-114

Authors: Sujatha.S, Padmavathy.R and JasmineVasantharani.E


Compound Holographic Optical Element System for Splitting and Concentrating Solar Spectrum on Laterally- Arranged Multiple Band Gap Solar Cells

pp. 115-120

Authors: Asghar Khan, N.R.Chakraborty and H.L.Yadav


A Comparative Study of the Traditional Iron Works in Manipur and Bagan District of Myanmar by Physical Techniques

pp. 121-125

Author: Md. Raheijuddin Sheikh


Internal Pressure, Free Volume, Thermochemical and FTIR Spectral Study on Polyaniline Monochloro Acetate Solution

pp. 127-132

Authors: E.Jasmine Vasantha Rani, R.Padmavathy, N.Saranya, C.Latha and K.Karthika


Symbol Error Probablity of Coherent PSK System in the Presence of Two Path Interference

pp. 133-137

Author: M. Nandi





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