International Journal of Physics and Applications (IJPA)


Volume 7, Number 1 (2015)





A Novel Load Balancing Model Using RR Algorithm for Cloud Computing

pp. 1-8

B.Bhaskar and E. Madhusudhana Reddy


Study Of Electronic And Linear Optical Properties Of Indium Pnictides (InX, X = P, As, Sb)

pp. 9-14

Aldrin Malsawmtluanga, Lalnunpuia, Ricky L. Ralte, Z. Pachuau


Beam Interaction With A Bounded Plasma

pp. 15-20

Naifa.S.AIatawi and W.H.Amein


Dielectric Study of LiCl Doped ADP Crystal

pp. 21-29

ShaikhKalim s/o Shaikh Hanif, A.B. Lad, B.H.Pawar


Five Dimensional String Cosmological Models In Barbers Second Self Creation Theory

pp. 31-37

U.K. Panigrahi,  R.N Patra and Mita Sharma


100mA Electron Gun for Ku-Band Helix TWT
pp. 39-42
Manish Kumar Saini and Parikha Chawla

Signatures of Geomagnetic Storms and Coronal Mass Ejections on Electron and Ion Temperatures At Low Latitude Upper Ionosphere
pp. 39-42
Manish Kumar Saini and Parikha Chawla

Development of GaN/AlGaN UVAPDs for Ultraviolet Sensor Applications
pp. 49-58
Ashok K. Sood, John W. Zeller, Roger E. Welser and Yash R. Puri, Russell D. Dupuis, Mi-Hee Ji, Jeomoh Kim and Theeradetch Detchprohm, Jay Lewis and Nibir K. Dhar, Roy L. Peters


Theory of Field-Matter Unification on Basis of Field Contraction
pp. 59-61
Umasankar Dolai

Magnetic Field Sensitivity of La0.67Ca0.33Mn1xSbxO3 Manganites: Role of Nonmagnetic Sb Substitution
pp. 63-70
B.R. Kataria

Effect of Smaller Ga Substitution on Temperature Sensitivity of La0.67Ca0.33Mn1xGaxO3 Manganites
B.R. Kataria

Theory and Simulation of EPR Axial Jahn-Teller Spectra of Cu2+ in Cd2(NH4)2(SO4)3.6H2O Single Crystals in the temperature range 300-15 K
pp. 79-88
J B Yerima and D K De

Synthesis And Characterization Of Ta Doped Lead Zirconate Titanate
pp. 89-98
R.K. Sharma


Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nano particles using Gigantic Swallow Wort leaves using by green chemical reduction method
pp. 99-105
Pankaj Shende, Syed Tanveer and A. Nagesh


Theoretical study on the mesons using power series method

pp. 107-110

Richa Rani






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